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Licensed, Insured, Experienced, Trained, Confidential and Ready. Our Team utilize modern, high-tech surveillance equipment and techniques to provide you with peace of mind that your case will be handled diligently,

Is it Time to Find Out For Sure?

Good things can go bad, and that's a sad fact of life. If you have suspicions they aren't telling you the truth, we can verify and discover the truth.  The list below is a sample of some of the many way we can help;

Undercover Surveillance
Workers Comp
Insurance Fraud
Missing Persons
Child Custody
Criminal Check
Skip Tracing
Wrongful Death
Asset Concealment
Nursing Home Abuse


Signs of Infidelity

 Shortage of time- If someone is not with you, where are they? Having to steal moments away from communal time. "Working late", project that must be worked on nights (could be odd hours) or weekends or holidays, company has functions more often or other meetings that must be attended, going out with friends.

Time unaccounted for - A short (you would think) trip to the store for pops takes three hours. Or the person comes home late all the time, goes for a walk around the block (maybe walking the dog) for too long a time.

 Emails and pictures from another person from the internet - Don't ignore this one. A married or committed relationship has no room for someone else and the person doing this is showing a huge lack of respect for his/her mate.

Money spent and unaccounted for - "If you want to play, you have to pay".  Check credit card receipts, cash advances, and anything that looks at all suspicious about where the money was spent. Big red flag if mate doesn't want you to see the bills, hides the bills when they come in and only lets you know the amount (if you are the one paying) or has the bills sent to work or a post office box. Also might be suggestion to have separate checking accounts.

Text messages at odd times - With mate not wanting you to see the pages. Perhaps codes on the pages, like 911, or 11111, etc.

Sex *might* change - After a very healthy physical relationship, lately there has been a large drop-off. Perhaps the mate sleeps in another room sometimes. Conversely, because the mate ALSO might be wanting to avoid suspicion, there might be an INCREASE in sex-but what also might occur is some new or unusual sexual positions, calling out someone else's name during sex

SO when you Just NEED to know Call HAWKEYE


Memphis, TN 901-413-4825          philip@hawkipi.com 

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